Benefits of High Intensity Training for Weight Loss



Hi Guys and Girls,

Today we are looking at benefits of high intensity training for weight loss.


Gone of the days where you would pound the pavements for hour on end with no results. We will show you how working for shorter periods of time at a higher intensity is going to see you shift the excess weight and bring an exciting variation to your training.


Studies have shown that working out in this manner will be more effective at burning fat and maintaining muscle mass than long periods of low intensity aerobics workouts. It is claimed that HIT can burn 9 times as much fat as conventional cardiovascular training and whether this is the case or not, you will increase your metabolic rate throughout your workout from raising your Heart rate to a higher state than you would in long continuos aerobic training. This would also have a knock of effect as your metabolism would continue to work at the higher rate for up to 24 hours after the workout, meaning that you continue to burn more calories throughout the day.


High Intensity training does not simply instigate weight loss by burning calories, but acts via a complex series of physiological mechanisms (eq. nervous and endocrine systems) to lower insulin resistance, improve glucose tolerance, increase exercise and post-exercise fat oxidation, and decrease appetite.


If you are interested in finding out more about how you can apply HIT methods into your own training contact us today at AM Fitness.


Keep an eye out for video on “Training Like an Athlete @ AM Fitness” for an insight into how using athletic development in weight loss programmes for all clients.


Thanks for reading!


Train Hard,




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